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Effective Monday, June 7, 2021, the MSD of Lawrence Township is closing the LECC-based Welcome Center in favor of a more invitational, school-based approach to enrollment. VIEW DETAILS


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Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra is an advanced orchestra class which performs as an ensemble at concerts in the LN auditorium and possibly other venues. In the fall semester, Chamber performs as a unified string section. In the spring semester, Chamber plays as a string section and also as part of the LN Symphony Orchestra that includes brass, winds, and percussion. Admission into Chamber Orchestra requires an audition or teacher recommendation and requires
participation in the previous year’s graduation ceremonies and rehearsals leading up to graduation. After school rehearsals in the spring with the winds, brass, and percussion are a requirement of this class.
The Lawrence North Symphony Orchestra began in spring 2012 and has earned consistent Gold Ratings at the ISSMA music contest.

Concertino Orchestra
Concertino Orchestra is an intermediate orchestra class which performs as an ensemble at concerts in the LN auditorium and possibly other venues. Concertino performs as a unified string section. Admission into Concertino Orchestra requires an audition or teacher recommendation. After school rehearsals may occasionally be required. In the spring the Concertino Orchestra will perform at the ISSMA state assessment.

Sonatina and Sinfonia Orchestras
Sonatina and Sinfonia Orchestras perform medium to intermediate level music. These 2 orchestras may combine or remain separate at various performances. Most concerts are held in the LN auditorium. After school rehearsals will be required, usually two weeks prior to the concert. Most of these students will participate as a group and earn a rating at ISSMA assessment contest in the spring semester.

Additional Orchestra Opportunities
Pit Orchestra: The LNHS Pit orchestra performs with the annual school musical in the fall. Students in Chamber Orchestra are expected to perform in the pit orchestra which is comprised of musicians from Chamber Orchestra plus wind and percussion instruments. Students from other orchestras may participate based on the needs of the director.

Symphony Orchestra: The LNHS Symphony Orchestra comprises the top musicians in the LNHS Orchestra and Band departments. Students from Chamber Orchestra are required to participate in the Symphony Orchestra. Students from other orchestras may be asked to participate. The LNSO performs at various orchestra concerts as well as competing in the Indiana State School Music Association annual contest. This may include but is not limited to the ISSMA Organizational contest and/or the State Qualification contests. After school rehearsals will begin during the spring semester and will continue through the ISSMA State Qualification events.