Alerts: Jun 23, 2021
Effective Monday, June 7, 2021, the MSD of Lawrence Township is closing the LECC-based Welcome Center in favor of a more invitational, school-based approach to enrollment. VIEW DETAILS

Keyboard, Music Theory & Appreciation


These classes include beginning through advanced piano skills.  Students who enroll in beginning class need no previous musical training in order to participate.  In beginning piano class students learn to interpret music notation and apply it to piano performance.  In intermediate piano class students learn to interpret music notation and apply it directly to piano performance.  In advanced piano, class begins with intermediate exercises and piano repertoire which gradually move toward more advanced pieces of music.  Advanced concepts and techniques of musicianship and music are emphasized in each class.

Music Appreciation

Students explore music and major musical style periods by listening to music, evaluating music and music performance, and understanding relationships between music and other arts.  Students use computers and midi keyboards.

Music Theory

Using the most advanced music technology, students develop skills in the analysis of music and theoretical concepts.  Some of the skills include: developing ear training and dictation, composing works that illustrate concepts, and studying a wide variety of musical styles.  Students have the opportunity to experience live performances by professionals during and outside of the school day.