The Lawrence North High School Dance Department focuses on increasing technical skills in a variety of dance genres while fostering the individual growth of each dancer. Not only are students getting the opportunity to dance during the school day, they are provided with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year.

Beginning Dance

Beginning Dance is meant for the student with little to no dance training. Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and other styles are offered. No audition for this course is needed. Terminology, History and Cultural Diversity and Dance are taught throughout the year.

Intermediate Dance

Intermediate Dance is by audition only and is typically meant for students in their second or third year of dancing. Students continue their dance training in styles learned in Intro. to Dance, but focus primarily on Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. Students also get training in Improv and Composition.

Advanced Dance

Advanced Dance is meant for the student with previous years of training, and is by audition only. All styles studied in the lower levels are visited again throughout the year, but at a much more intense level. Advanced Dance has more performance opportunities throughout the year.  They also participate in two competitions during the school year.