Alerts: Jan 19, 2019
Due to inclement weather, the activities listed below have been postponed or canceled for Saturday, January 19, 2019. The list will be updated. VIEW DETAILS

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Offering a variety of courses that showcase music and talent, the MSD of Lawrence Township is a performing arts contender at every level. With national and state titles, Lawrence Township performing arts boast a reputable staff, exemplary programming, and first class facilities. 

Through innovation, dedication, and determination, Lawrence Township has developed a program that demands and produces excellence. Focused on fostering creativity and imagination, participation in the performing arts supports numerous opportunities for students to creatively channel ideas and emotions. The collaborative skills emphasized are applicable to numerous fields of study and career areas. The final product cannot be achieved without every member working toward the same goal.

Our award winning choral department includes a girls’ choir, a mixed choir, a chamber choir, and our always entertaining show choir. 

Our marching band, color guard, orchestra, and concert bands consistently compete for the state championship as well.