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    Community Letter from Dr. Smith on Events at ELC Mary Castle
    May 02, 2021

    Dear Lawrence Community,

    The MSD of Lawrence Township is a strong community in a large metropolitan area serving almost 16,000 students daily and they represent the foundation of our excellence. As community patrons, we make choices and take actions daily to better the community in which we live and work. However, the decision of one person shook our community.

    On Friday, an estranged family member came to the ELC Mary Castle campus with the sole purpose of taking the life of the mother of a young child receiving special services. This terrible act lends itself to a number of questions. These are not questions for the school district to answer. Rather they are questions that we need to ask of ourselves and of society-at-large. As a community, we must take back our streets and public institutions. We must speak daily of the outstanding students we educate, and not those who seek to destroy our community.

    During this unfortunate incident, we remained in complete control. The immediate response from faculty, students, and first responders was incredible. This quick response resulted in no additional physical injuries. Our children were protected and the life of the victim saved by the swift action of staff and first responders. We are grateful for the outstanding response of district security and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in quickly securing the scene, so that students could be safety released to their parents.

    As we move forward, we must speak to Lawrence Excellence, not this incident. We are a powerful community, and one that celebrates our ability to offer comprehensive programming for all students. While powerful, we cannot do it alone. Parents and patrons, we both thank you and need you!  We must embrace our schools and community. It is simple to point out what the problems are in society, but we cannot and will not allow them to destroy one of the top school communities in the State of Indiana.  Any concerns or issues must be reported and shared. Together, we will achieve excellence for our children.


    Dr. Shawn A. Smith
    Superintendent of Schools

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