Spanish Immersion


The Spanish Immersion Program of Lawrence Township first welcomed elementary-aged students in 1994.  Each year another grade level was added at Forest Glen Elementary School until the program extended to grade 12 at Lawrence North High School.  The program offered science, social studies, and Spanish Language Arts.

Planning the high school component began in 2001 and with the help from a Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant, teachers at Fall Creek Valley Middle School and Lawrence North High School began to plan and develop an immersion program sequence.  The 2002-2003 school year saw its first Immersion classes at the high school level and over the years the program has continued to evolve. 

In the 2016-2017 school year, the state legislature passed the Indiana version of the Biliteracy Seal, calling it the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency.  The students in the Immersion program also were able to qualify for this recognition.  This certificate confirms for colleges and careers that students graduating have gained fluent proficiency in two or more languages. 


  • In 2011 the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain selected LNHS as the top Immersion program in the country.
  • Students in the program travel abroad with class trips to further their educational experiences in Spanish culture and traditions.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the Spanish National Honor Society at LNHS.
  • Many students continue to study Spanish at the university level.
  • Students in the program volunteer their time in the community serving as interpreters at district events, churches, and businesses.
  • Beginning in 2013-2014, the program will offer an Immersion Hispanic scholarship to a deserving student each year.
  • Students take 12 high school credits in the Immersion Program as part of their curriculum.
  • We are thrilled that our award-winning Spanish Immersion program continues to turn out skilled Spanish-speakers. 
  • Students have the opportunity to take the DELE exam.  DELE is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language, issued and recognized by the Ministry of Education of Spain. DELE stands for "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma." It is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education

Required Courses That Have Been Approved For The Immersion Program

The following courses must be taken by all students in the program.
Spanish Immersion I   2 credits                                                          Grade 9
Spanish Immersion II  2 credits                                                          Grade 10
World Cultures (replaces Modern World Studies) 2 credits               Grade 9
Culture and Diversity  2 credits                                                           Grade 10 or 11
AP Spanish Literature 2 credits                                                          Grade 11 or 12

Elective Courses That Have Been Approved For The Immersion Program

Overseas experience ½ credit                                                            Grade 10, 11, or 12
IB (SL) 2 credits                                                                                  Grade 11 or 12
IB (HL) 4 credits                                                                                 Grades 11 and 12
Spanish Language and Culture through Theatre 2 credits                Grade 11 or 12
Spanish Immersion III 2 credits                                                          Grade 11 or 12 (2013-2014)
Cadet Teaching –Forest Glen / FCV Middle School 2 credits            Grade 12

Visit the Spanish Immersion page on the district website to learn more.

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