Lawrence North High School

Metropolitan District of Lawrence Township

Phone: (317) 964-7700 | Attendance: (317) 964-7705

Staff Directory

Office Staff

Principal - Brett Crousore (Contact Me)
Freshman School Principal - Franklyn Bush (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Ruben De Luna (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Jason Floyd (Contact Me)
Associate Principal - Tracey Means (Contact Me)
Treasurer & Bookstore - Pearl McQueenie (Contact Me)
Registrar - Bonnie Akers (Contact Me)
Attendance - 9th/10th Grades - Tamera Benge (Contact Me)
Attendance - 11th/12th Grades - Patti Means (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant to the Principal - Shirley Pulley (Contact Me)
Athletic Director - Mike Penrose (Contact Me)
Assistant Athletic Director - James Zeller (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Athletic Dept. - Vnemina Cooper (Contact Me)
Nurse - Betsy Butz (Contact Me)
Nurse - Valorie Gelwicks (Contact Me)
Nurse - Alice Jackson (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Patti Musgrove (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Audie Melton (Contact Me)
Head Maintenance - Rick Melton (Contact Me)
Technology - Allen Herzig (Contact Me)
Auditorium Manager - Jeff Maberto (Contact Me)
Alternative Setting - Jeremias Quintero-Owens (Contact Me)

Alternative Learning

Howard Savage (Contact Me)


Jenn Sahagun (Contact Me) Program Leader


Tricia Alpers (Contact Me)
Amanda Armstrong (Contact Me)
Sarah Bigler (Contact Me)
Kelly Britton (Contact Me)
Stephanie Brown (Contact Me)
Rebecca Cash (Contact Me)
Elizabeth Christie (Contact Me)
Karen Comstock (Contact Me)
Rebecca Downs (Contact Me)
Stacy Embry (Contact Me)
Wendy Hamann (Contact Me)
Angela Hattabaugh (Contact Me)
Sylvania Hernandez (Contact Me)
Isaac Masih (Contact Me)
Elizabeth Masur (Contact Me)
Sean Ohman (Contact Me)
Natalie Rosario (Contact Me)
Andrew Schroeder (Contact Me)
Vivian Hernandez Tragesser (Contact Me)
Ayanna Williams (Contact Me) Department Chair

English as a New Language

Vivian Hernandez Tragesser (Contact Me)
Natalie Rosario (Contact Me)


Virginia Abrego-Hernandez (Contact Me)
Tuesday Anderson (Contact Me) College and Career Liaison
Jill Arbuckle (Contact Me)
Kari Bordner (Contact Me)
Elaine Bush (Contact Me)
Brad Cangany (Contact Me)
Gayle Cartwright (Contact Me) Testing Coordinator
Betsy Crawshaw (Contact Me) Administrative Assistant
Tracy Gilbert (Contact Me)
Brandon Jackson (Contact Me)
Shelia Patterson Allen (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Mary Beth Rago (Contact Me)
Connie Sivertson (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair

Hearing Impaired

Amber Lovitt (Contact Me)


Elizabeth Atkinson (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Sara Bowron (Contact Me)
Jayne Burke (Contact Me)
Mark Frankum (Contact Me)
Karen Halligan (Contact Me)
Becki Hasey (Contact Me)
Amanda Haywood (Contact Me)
Becky Hufty (Contact Me)
Jennifer Kolb (Contact Me)
Wendy McNarney (Contact Me)
Nicholas Montan (Contact Me)
Matthew Murphy (Contact Me)
Missy Michael (Contact Me)
Emily Rhiver (Contact Me)
Dianne Schoff (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Deborah Stuteville (Contact Me)
James Swadener (Contact Me)

Media Center

Tonya Fisher (Contact Me) Media Specialist

Performing Arts

Jennifer Gafron (Contact Me)
Alison Goller (Contact Me) Administrative Assistant - Performing Arts
Glen Hauger (Contact Me)
Don Lain (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Chaevon Latham (Contact Me)
David Morton (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Jose Valencia (Contact Me)
Tom Wallis (Contact Me)

Physical Education/Health

Rob Church (Contact Me) Department Chair
Angela Clark (Contact Me)
Dawn Gentry (Contact Me)
Pat Mallory (Contact Me)
Richard Winzenread (Contact Me)
Jim Zeller (Contact Me)

Plato Lab

Morris Logan (Contact Me)

Practical Arts

Deborah Brim (Contact Me)
Jack Keefer (Contact Me)
Gina Schlotterbeck (Contact Me) Department Chair


George Clancy (Contact Me)
Tonya Davis (Contact Me)
Chuck Deardorff (Contact Me)
Tom Ferry (Contact Me)
Erin Knapp (Contact Me)
Aaron Logan (Contact Me)
Sally Miller (Contact Me)
Jenn Sahagun (Contact Me)
Brian Seltzer (Contact Me)
Patrick Tankersley (Contact Me)
Brian White (Contact Me) Department Chair
Marcus Wilson (Contact Me)

Social Studies

Tarrell Berry (Contact Me)
Bob Carnahan (Contact Me)
Rachel Couch (Contact Me)
John Diercks (Contact Me) Department Chair
Kyle Green (Contact Me)
Larry Leonhardt (Contact Me)
Corey McGarrell (Contact Me)
Ben Morgan (Contact Me)
Eric Shetter (Contact Me)
Kimberly Shetter (Contact Me)
Brandon Sorrell (Contact Me)
Jeff Vest (Contact Me)

Spanish Immersion

Mary Grossling (Contact Me)
Margarita Nieves (Contact Me)
Liliana Nunez (Contact Me)
Manuel Vega (Contact Me)

Special Education

Audrey Deatrick (Contact Me)
Kelly Decrane (Contact Me)
Matt Deinlein (Contact Me)
Tyler Etherington (Contact Me)
Meghan Ferens (Contact Me)
Brian Fletcher (Contact Me)
Chris Giffin (Contact Me)
Abigail Herron (Contact Me) Speech Therapist
Carrie Kline (Contact Me)
Sara Leatherman (Contact Me)
Allison Loprich (Contact Me)
Hillary Pyle (Contact Me)
Christopher Todd (Contact Me) Department Chair
Spenser Weiler (Contact Me)

Visual Arts

Brian Atkinson (Contact Me) Department Chair
Sarah Bergsieker (Contact Me)
Nichole Cooper (Contact Me)
Careth Flash (Contact Me)
Tyler Goudreau (Contact Me)
Brad Holmes (Contact Me)
Buffy Hostetler (Contact Me)
Heather Klopfenstein (Contact Me)
Sarah Osborne (Contact Me)

Vision Impaired

Cindy Corbett (Contact Me)

World Languages

Anna Baxter (Contact Me)
Andree Desrochers (Contact Me)
Mary Grossling (Contact Me)
Heather Klopfenstein (Contact Me)
Margarita Nieves (Contact Me)
Liliana Nunez (Contact Me)
Kelly Ploch (Contact Me) Department Chair
Natalie Rosario (Contact Me)
Vivian Tragesser (Contact Me)
Manuel Vega (Contact Me)

My Achievement Center

Robin Kitt (Contact Me) Coordinator